Valentine Tea Party Pictures

I gleaned all these Valentine tea party pictures from Pinterest.


The sites the pictures came from are mentioned at the bottom of the page.

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, you soon will be. Pinterest is a website which is like a good old fashion pin-board. On that site, you can pin pictures you like onto boards you create by category or theme.  I must admit it is great fun and a tad addictive.

It is amazing to me just how creative people can be. Some of the pictures are taken by professionals but some are not. There is so much beauty around us.

I wanted to give you a sample of how creative and elaborate or simple a Valentine’s Day table can be decorated.

I am not all that creative. My ideas always look amazing in my head but rarely do they materialize on the outside the way I intended. I have friends though who are super creative and can decorate anything like a professional.  If I ever intended to have a fancy party I’d have to call on one.  My tea parties are usually simple affairs for my kids and some of their friends and while not fancy, they are always a lot of fun.   So in the end, mission accomplished.



Buffet style with tones of red, pink and white. Simple but elegant. The polka dot balloons add a nice touch.




I think this is my favorite. I just love the rustic table. The simplicity of the pink and white plates and the pink tulips and roses. I really like it.




Definitely a kid table. Lots of bright colors. Not my favorite but certainly would appeal to kids.




A simple gingham ribbon, a theme of white and red. Simple and pretty.




Big party, a simple theme of Valentine Day colors. A few balloons sprinkled here and there. Very simple.




A simple red and white theme…some added black napkins. Elegant but not my cup of tea.





My second favorite, made for kids on a kid table.  Rustic, country and adorable.




Lots of red, some sprinkles of pink, white and gold.




I love those  “mail boxes”.  Adorable.  I really like this table.


A pink and white theme. Simple, subdued and adorable.


Recipe of the Day


Sites from Valentine Tea Party Pictures:

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