Valentine Day Party Decoration Ideas

These Valentine Day party decoration ideas are here to help you.

However, this page is not intended to have all the answers for your Valentine tea party decorating needs. But these ideas though  should at least get the ball rolling. You may have much better ideas than the ones listed here, if you do, please feel free to share them.

Decorating your table for a Valentine tea party need not be expensive. Simplicity usually creates a more beautiful table anyway. So keep it simple. One simple trick would be to close your curtains – or shades, or have your party later in the day so that you can to light a few candles. The glow of candles always gives a party a nice, romantic, quiet and subdued atmosphere. For other easy ideas see below.

As far as colors schemes: red, pink and white are a very basic Valentine’s Day theme.



Valentine Day Party Decoration Ideas


Candle Centerpiece ~ Picture from Better Homes and Garden


Rose Petals: Silk rose petals can look very romantic tossed gently over the tablecloth.


Christmas Tree: Yes, that’s right a mini Christmas tree. You can decorate it with heart beads.  You could also make heart ornaments out of colored paper stock and write the name of one guest per heart with a gold colored pen.


vdcandy (1)

Candy: Instead of rose petals, Valentine’s Day sugar candy or chocolate kisses can be used to decorate your table.



Topiary: If you want to get a bit fancier and elegant, a topiary on the table as a centerpiece would be very beautiful. You can either choose one which has only greenery or one which has roses.


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