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Nov 012013

Arm knitting…have you ever heard of it?

Until a month ago, I never had.

I am well familiar with knitting though and have knitted for decades…but arm knitting?

A friend of mine shared about arm knitting in Facebook group.  She mentioned it was much easier for her to handle than regular knitting.

Arm knitting requires less supplies and any project can be done much quicker.

This makes it ideal for a tea party craft idea.

My curiosity was peaked, so I went looking for easy instructions and I found a video on YouTube.

It’s true - arm knitting is easy and fast!

I made a scarf in 30 minutes with just two skeins of thread.   The only thing I did differently from the video is the way I cast my loops. I found the way it is explained in the video to be complicated…but that’s just me.

If you have knitted before and are familiar with it, you will find arm knitting very easy. It is truly a smooth transition from the traditional knitting method.

If you have not, it will just take a little while to learn and it does not take long before seeing the results.

I loved the result, a super soft and pliable scarf!  I am already planning the next one!

If you make one please post a picture of your creation below.  I would love to see it!

arm knitting




How to Arm Knitting a Scarf

This is the video I used for instruction…easy as pie.





More resources about arm knitting:


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