Strawberry Party Decoration Ideas

Strawberry party decoration ideas are quite easy to find. Strawberries seem to be quite popular.

Obviously when you decorate for your tea party, you will want to keep your colors in the red and green tones with maybe some light yellow or white highlights.

Scavenging yard sales, garage sales, second hand stores and eBay can be a great way to find some great strawberry themed decorations without hurting your pocket-book.

Strawberry  Fun Facts:

  • The strawberry is not classified by botanists as a true berry. True berries, such as blueberries and cranberries have seeds inside. The strawberry, however has its dry, yellow “seeds” on the outside (each of which is actually considered a separate fruit).
  • Native Americans called strawberries “heart-seed berries” and pounded them into their traditional corn-meal bread. Discovering the great taste of the Native Americans bread, colonists decided to create their own version, which became an American favorite that we all know and love …strawberry shortcake.
  • Eight medium-sized strawberries contain 140% of the U.S. RDA for Vitamin C. One cup of fresh strawberries provides about 88 milligrams of ascorbic acid, which more than meets the Recommended Daily Dietary allowance of 45 milligrams for the average adult. Vitamin C is well retained when the strawberries are handled carefully. Capping, injuring, cutting, or juicing, however, will reduce the vitamin content.
  • Strawberries are low in calories: one cup of unsweetened strawberries has only 55 calories.
  • There is a legend that strawberries were named in the nineteenth-century by English children who picked the fruit, strung them on grass straws and sold them as “Straws of berries”.  Another theory is the name was derived from the nineteenth-century practice (ands still today, although most farms use raised beds, enclosed in plastic) of placing straw around the growing berry plants to protect the ripening fruit. But the most widely held view is that the name Strawberry was derived from the berries that are “strewn” about on the plants, and the name “strewn berry” eventually morphed into “Strawberry”.

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Strawberry Party Decoration Ideas


Strawberry Party Decoration Ideas

Strawberry Party Decoration Ideas Strawberry Pot ~  I would use this for ice cubes.
Strawberry Party Decoration Ideas Strawberry Tea Kettle  ~ This kettle is just darling.





Strawberry Tea Party Decorations For Kids


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