Secret Code Ideas for Scavenger Hunt

I want to share some of my secret code ideas for scavenger hunt.

One of the things we love doing around here are scavenger hunts.  We’ve even had a scavenger hunt tea party based around a pirate theme.  What a blast!

Our scavenger hunts used to be pretty easy…one note would lead to another…and so on until the kids got to the prize.

About two weeks ago, after reading the Spy X series, I decided to make our next scavenger hunt a tad more difficult with coded notes.  I must say, the kids did great…some  needed no hints at all, a few  asked for some hints – and that’s okay in my book.  It was the longest scavenger hunt ever and the one with the least amount of notes! What a blast!  And such a sense of accomplishment after working so hard when at least they found the treasure.

The treasure?  Gold coins…lots of gold coins….chocolate ones!


Secret Code Ideas for Scavenger Hunt


Secret Code Ideas for Scavenger Hunt

My first note was written in Morse code.  The children decoded it that rather  easily…they remembered we had a survival book with the code in it. I got mine from the internet.

The second note was trickier. (By the way these are not our actual notes, I made new ones as an example.)

My oldest daughter found the words easily. At first, I had written a number next to the word such as 1 or 3 to indicate the letter they should use to form the clue…that was too confusing. So in this example I used the dots.

Here is the note once solved.


In our case it was daddy and he had the next clue.

That one, they knew it had something to do with the alphabet…but where not sure what.  It took them a while to decode it and they tried various method.


The clue is the 3+4 which is – of course – equal to seven.  Below is the note after it is solved.

The final clue was the hardest for them.

The above sentence was not meant to say anything…I just needed to come up with words which would have the letters I needed for my next clue.

My daughter came to the rescue on that one…she has also read the Spy X series and so she got that one from the books.

Scrambled is the hint…the rest of the letters are scrambled. All the notes  started with “go to.” So if they could remove the letters for “go to” and unscramble the others….they had their next clue.

Here is the note solved.

So now, it is your turn….go have some fun!

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