Mystery Tea Party

Mystery Tea Party was submitted by Barbara L. This past Saturday – March 16, 2013 – I hosted my 5th Mystery Tea Party. I purchase the games which include, 8 scripts, place cards and name tags at  Maxine does such a fabulous job of writings the most hilarious scripts, and this one was no exception.

“Gone with the Breeze” takes place at Kara, the biggest and grandest plantation in the south.  Unfortunately someone has stolen Charlotte O’Mara’s mortgage money and she may lose Kara.  What’s a southern belle to do but invite her closest friends to tea so she can accuse them of thievery!

I played the part of Charlotte and started the tea with a little Low Country punch, it’s made with green tea, rum, whiskey, and a few other ingredients and its strong enough to make a southern belle blush and confess to stealing the mortgage money.  Or so I thought.

Once the pecan scones, sweet potato scones and honey scones were ready we sat down at the dining room table and began to solve the mystery.



Mystery Tea Party

Picture from Gone with the Wind


By the time the tea sandwiches were served the accusations were flying.  Dixie Mason was accusing Candy Cotton and Candy was accusing Georgia Peachtree.

Finally BettyAnnMaryBeth got us all to calm down or maybe it was the sugar cookie cups with strawberry Devonshire cream that did the trick.
I am not going to tell who stole Charlotte’s mortgage money or why for I’m afraid it would cause the biggest scandal than the south has ever seen.
Time for a glass of good ole southern sweet tea and a leftover pecan scone with orange cream while I decide on which mystery tea to host next, “The Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane” or” Who Killed the Darling Duke of Darjeeling?” or possibly “Murder at Earl of Grey’s Hound Manor”.

Whichever one it is we’re sure to have a grand time solving the mystery.



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