Ginger Tea Recipe

ginger tea recipe

Ginger is a wonder root who has been shown to have amazing effects on one’s health. This ginger tea recipe is a great to ingest more ginger. You can drink it either hot or cold which makes it a perfect herbal tea year round. So what’s so great about ginger?  It is native to Asia […]

Valentine’s Day Bark

valentine day bark

A few years ago someone shared some peppermint bark with my oldest daughter. Until then, we had never heard of it nor obviously ate any. Forward to today and it is a popular sugary confection I make for Christmas every year. Then again why limit chocolate bark to Christmas? I have started to venture in […]

Picnic Tea

picnic tea

It was a beautiful February, mid morning, with temps in the high 70s with a wonderful cool breeze.  Where I am from this is called perfect weather. My seven year old twins were running around having a good time. On a spur of the moment I suggested we go on a picnic tea! Whoops of […]

S’more Kebabs

smore kebabs

S’more kebabs are super easy to make and kids (and adults alike) love them! They are great as a tea party favor or even served as a dish during your tea party. I personally would not make them during a tea party with small children unless you have enough adult supervision since heat is involved. It […]

Valentine S’mores on a Stick

s'mores on a stick

S’mores are a traditional American treat. They are usually made with roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. I had never heard of them until I came to the States. S’mores are a traditional “around the camp fire” type of dessert. My kids love them when they make a bonfire. These Valentine s’mores on a stick are […]

Strawberry Vanilla Cake

Strawberry Vanilla Cake

My 12 year old son, Gabriel, requested a strawberry vanilla cake for his birthday and shazam, that’s the one I came up with for him. He loved it and that’s what I call success. You certainly can replace the strawberries with another fruit: cherries, raspberries, blueberries, even peaches!       Strawberry Vanilla Cake: Ingredients 1 […]

Spring Themed Tea Pots and Tea Kettles

spring tea pot

 Tea pots are not just made to hold tea, they can be work of art…elegant, dainty, colorful, unusual, and just plain entertaining. I found a lot of beautiful Spring themed tea pots (and tea kettles) on the internet and decided to share them with you. All sources for the pictures are listed at the bottom […]

S’mores on a Stick

s'mores on a stick

S’mores on a stick are so much fun to make and even more fun to eat!  You could make these ahead of time for a party favor or if planning a kid tea party, you could make them during your party for a fun (and maybe a tad messy) time! We made ours for Valentine’s […]

Valentine Themed Tea Pots

valentine pot

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and of course anything heart themed is “in.” I found these Valentine themed tea pots (and some tea kettles) online. I am not the owner of these pictures. The source for each picture is listed at the bottom of the page. Most of them were gathered from Pinterest (got to […]

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